Published on Apr 25, 2014
I was thrilled to hear that Moderne, a design gallery specializing in Studio Furniture, is opening the first comprehensive overview show of designer/craftsman David Ebner, one of the most ambitious and accomplished figures of the Movement today. It was at Moderne Gallery, that I was first introduced to Ebner's work by its founder Bob Aibel whose commitment to promoting, preserving, and disseminating the knowledge on the Studio Furniture Movement I admire. The show, which coincides with the publication "David Ebner: Studio Furniture" by Nancy Schiffer, covers the total scope of his life's work, from pieces created in his days as a student at the legendary School for American Craftsmen at the Rochester Institute of Technology in the mid 60's, to his current work.

Wood Designer Craftsman David Ebner
Interviw with Catherine Oberg, Brookhaven Studio, NY June 10, 2009

Rough Cut with Tommy Mac

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