David N. Ebner

Letter from our client
Dear Mr. Ebner,

Your beautiful scallion coat rack arrived this morning. It is spectacular!! and more beautiful than I even imagined. It is a divine experience to simply touch the wood......so beautiful.

I am an American born Chinese....an "ABC". Like many first generation ABC's, my parents did not teach us the language. They wanted us to be American. They did, however, instill in us a belief that food is an expression of love. Dim sum literally translated means 'a little piece of heart'. Throughout my life of food....finishing with fresh scallions made the dish complete....special. Recently, I learned that the culinary history of Louisiana is also steeped with love....altered by necessity. When the French found themselves in the swamps of Louisiana and could not grow carrots....the traditional mirepoix became onions/celery/peppers. They affectionately call this 'the trinity'. Garlic is called 'the pope'. When garlic is added to the trinity, it becomes 'the holy trinity'. In the end, when scallions are added to the dish prior to service....the scallions are known as 'the blessing'.

Please know, my husband and I will treasure this piece in our home. Thank you so much for creating this gift to the world. It is a blessing.

Amie Nunley

"Ebner's works are unlike any other American
studio furniture movement master's - and that's why, of late, he's become so wildly collectible."

David N. Ebner
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